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Time to Legalize Marijuana

See the op-ed here that Sunny Patel and I wrote in the Springfield (MA) newspaper in support of legalization of cannabis.

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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Provocative question!  See my discussion of this issue here at Psychology Today.

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Doctors with Substance Use Disorders

See an article here about physicians who have substance use disorders.  I was quoted in US News and World Report, saying that the reasons that physicians use drugs are largely the same reasons why everyone else does so.

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The Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse

In my latest post on Psychology Today, I highlight some epidemiological data about adolescents and prescription drug abuse and then make the point that although obviously these drugs can be effective  when taken as directed, when misused they can destroy … Continue reading

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Marijuana is All Natural, so What’s the Problem?

See the post on my blog Almost Addicted on Psychology Today:      

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New book! Almost Addicted published by Hazelden Press!

New book entitled Almost Addicted. Do you think your pot smoking is hindering your relationships? Does it feel as if you’re just a tad too dependent on the pills your doctor prescribed for pain? Almost Addicted will help you assess … Continue reading

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