Do You Know Anyone Who Refuses Medicare?

Instead of the dramatically confusing largely private insurance options offered by Obamacare, why not streamline things and offer Medicare-for all?  I don’t know a single individual who refuses to utilize his or her Medicare benefits, no matter his or her political persuasion, how much he or she might despise the federal government along with all things “Socialist.”

Perfect example:  One of my relatives in his early 60s  told me that he wanted the government “to keep its hands off his healthcare.”  When I asked him if he’d begun to receive Medicare benefits, he replied,  “No, but I’m counting the days.”



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One Response to Do You Know Anyone Who Refuses Medicare?

  1. Threatened Whistleblower II says:

    Dear Dr. Boyd,

    Your proposal is sheer genius! Why didn’t Congress think of that? There again, is Congress capable of thinking? I wish I had a magic wand. Thank you, again.

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