CDC Receives Millions from Big Pharma: Does it Affect their Recommendations and Endorsements?

The British Medical Journal recently published a report, which you can find here, details the extent to which the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been accepting significant amounts of money from the pharmaceutical industry (among others) and highlights some of the recent positions that the CDC has taken which certainly cause concern about whether the CDC has been unduly influenced by the influx of  industry money.

Kudos to Shannon Brownlee of the Lown Institute for being quoted about this scary and sad development.

This revelation about CDC funding also makes me wonder whether researchers who might be applying for funding from the CDC might be rejected if they have ever spoken out against the pharmaceutical or medical device industry in any way.  If so, the voice against big pharma’s influence in medical practice, which promotoes over-prescribing among other dangerous behaviors, is only going to grow dimmer.

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One Response to CDC Receives Millions from Big Pharma: Does it Affect their Recommendations and Endorsements?

  1. Luis molmenti says:

    In a time when doctors are not even allowed to speak to drug companies’ representatives in some institutions, to avoid being unduly influenced by gifts or biased or incomplete research involving certain products, the CDC should strive to set an example in this area. Accepting money from big pharma certainly puts them in a position that could jeopardize their credibility. Unfortunately resources are getting harder to come by and if they refuse big pharma money completely some important research could be just not done. I think the key is caution and above all transparency. Results of projects should always be very clear about possible conflicts of interest when money from these companies has been used, which should if possible be always avoided.

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