ICE Detention Facilities are Routinely Utilizing Solitary Confinement: Today is a Major Day for Human Rights

Federal whistleblower Ellen Gallagher has been decrying the use of solitary confinement on individuals in immigration detention for a decade, but little has changed to date despite her beyond courageous efforts. Today, a report, found here, co-authored by Katherine Peeler at Harvard Medical School, along with others at Harvard Medical School, Harvard Law School, and Physicians for Human Rights, amplifies the message that Ellen Gallagher has brought to attention, namely that US immigration authorities routinely lock thousands of people in solitary confinement and flout international human rights standards in its sprawling network of immigration detention facilities.

Many news outlets, such as this one, have reported the release of Dr. Peeler’s report.

I am beyond ecstatic that the use of solitary confinement in immigration detention is now in the open air and I completely support calls for reform.

Kudos to my friends, colleagues, and sometime co-authors (lucky me!), Katie Peeler and Ellen Gallgaher, for their tireless efforts to expose and report this travesty of justice and all norms of human rights.

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