Hasan Minhaj on Accessing Mental Health Care

Blew me away when Minhaj highlighted Monica Malowney’s and my study findings from 2015 (12 minutes into his show and then again in the middle of the 18th minute) in which we called 360 psychiatrists in 3 US cities, about how hard it is to access mental health care, even when people have supposedly “good” insurance. I’ve been making jokes myself about jewelry stores and McDonald’s ever since we published our study. PS If you haven’t seen Minhaj’s Homecoming King it is brilliant.

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Doctors Pay up or Else Can’t Work

My latest on Psychology Today is here about the coercion and extortion many doctors face if they want to be able to continue practicing medicine.

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PHPs and the ADA

Co-author Nicholas Lawson does it again with a letter in the Annals of Internal Medicine decrying the American College of Physicians position statement on physician impairment, which strikes us as flouting the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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PBS Story on Lack of availability of Child Psychiatric Services

This PBS story is based on a paper just published that documents the geographical distribution of child psychiatrists in the US. Not surprisingly, they are located in urban areas with high levels of education and income. Colleagues and I had previously documented how difficult it is to obtain appointments with child psychiatrists around the country and this new story adds depth to the total picture about the lack of availability of these services. You can find the PBS story here.

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Begging for Ukraine to Collude in Tampering with our Next Election . . .

The President’s personal lawyer, in essence, said “Hell yes!” about asking Ukraine to investigate Biden. How else to call such an act? https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2019/09/20/ukraine-center-intelligence-complaint/I2GAoxfabPn7nbgxKPw2TJ/story.html

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Doctors and Nurses Addicted to Opioids Are Often Barred from the Most Effective Treatment

Kudos to Emma Yasinski for this piece about depriving healthcare workers of the most effective treatment for opioid dependence.

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Do You Have An Addictive Personality? 3 Signs & When To Worry

Kudos to Jenni Gritters for this piece about addiction. One of the upshots is that if some drug, activity, or person causes you to jeopardize important elements of your life (such as employment or housing) then you just might be addicted.

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The Latest Mass Shooting on Fox News

I’ve been watching the coverage of the El Paso mass shooting on Fox News for the last hour. To a person, everyone who spoke, including Texas’ Republican governor and Fox News hosts, showed real horror about what happened. It is astounding given the authentic pain that I saw that not once did anyone mention the single government action that has prevented this from happening almost anyplace else in the world.

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US Needs to Stop Torturing Children–Kudos to USA Today

Good for USA Today for this editorial–I was very surprised and gratified to see they’d quoted me about the lasting harmful effects of what our country is doing to children.

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Child detention is creating a mental health crisis

Truly astonishing that our government is actively taking steps to make conditions as horrid as possible for immigrants who are fleeing death in their home countries. For the record, I have seen numerous individuals who only fled their home countries after not one but multiple family members had been killed. I have also yet to see anyone seeking asylum who I thought was malingering. See this story:


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