When You Suspect a Colleague is Impaired

Just released piece on QuantiaMD about referring a colleague to a PHP.   Find it here.

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Ed Snowden/Glenn Greenwald

If the US actually supports our Constitutional right to free speech, then both of these individuals deserve an award from our country.

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A Call for National Standards and Oversight of State Physician Health Program

My paper of the same title was just published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.  The title sums up the essence of the paper, namely that since other healthcare entities (such as hospitals and residency training programs) are subject to outside scrutiny, routine audits, and must conform to agreed upon standards, Physician Health Programs ought to be no different.  The link below is to the final proof prior to publication:

JAM 2015 call for national standards and oversight of state phsycian health programs

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Deciding Whether To Refer a Colleague to a Physician Health Program

I have a new piece out in the AMA Journal of Ethics about physician health programs.  You can find it here.

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Physician Health Programs can help but warrant oversight, scrutiny, and regular audits

See the recent Medscape article on this topic here.  I have a piece coming out soon in the AMA Journal of Ethics on this topic soon.

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My piece in Newsweek about the APA, Harsh Interrogations, and Close Ties with the Dept of Defense and the CIA

See the full article here.

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Letter in the Boston Globe about the American Psychological Association’s collaboration and collusion with the Dept of Defense and the CIA regarding torture

Click here to see my letter to the Globe.  Some psychologists fought mightily for years to change the course of the AMA on torture. Some of these individuals were horribly maligned by the APA in the process. Hats off to them for their courage and persistence.


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CDC Receives Millions from Big Pharma: Does it Affect their Recommendations and Endorsements?

The British Medical Journal recently published a report, which you can find here, details the extent to which the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been accepting significant amounts of money from the pharmaceutical industry (among others) and highlights some of the recent positions that the CDC has taken which certainly cause concern about whether the CDC has been unduly influenced by the influx of  industry money.

Kudos to Shannon Brownlee of the Lown Institute for being quoted about this scary and sad development.

This revelation about CDC funding also makes me wonder whether researchers who might be applying for funding from the CDC might be rejected if they have ever spoken out against the pharmaceutical or medical device industry in any way.  If so, the voice against big pharma’s influence in medical practice, which promotoes over-prescribing among other dangerous behaviors, is only going to grow dimmer.

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Psychologists and Torture

A day after I wrote this piece for theconversation.com about psychologists and torture, the New York Times highlighted a newly issued report that details the extent to which senior level members of the American Psychological Association (APA) conspired with the CIA, members of the Bush administration, and the Department of Defense to condone, justify, and protect psychologists who participated in torture.

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“Rectal Feeding” is Not a Medical Procedure. It is Torture

See this report from the International Business Times, which makes clear that his activity is torture, plain and simple. It is about exerting control over others, causing pain, and human degradation.  Steven Miles, MD, the single most knowledgeable physician about physician participation in torture, is quoted.

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