Deciding Whether To Refer a Colleague to a Physician Health Program

I have a new piece out in the AMA Journal of Ethics about physician health programs.  You can find it here.

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2 Responses to Deciding Whether To Refer a Colleague to a Physician Health Program

  1. Thanks for this beautifully written piece. I have recently done an “Overview of Clinician Suicide” on QuantiaMD (an excellent source of free medical information for providers) and many of the listener/respondents needed just this exact information in order to try to help colleagues.

    I notice in the same Journal of Ethics an article by Steven Miles on physician participation in torture. Steven is no stranger to medical boards in the setting of mental illness. His story is on my website and JAMA.

  2. Somehow my comment above got duplicated. Please remove one of them.
    Just discovered that the recent 2016 FSMB House of Delegates has passed a resolution supporting a position statement regarding mandatory reporting laws and policies. It can be found here

    Note that this policy relates to MANDATORY reporting, not voluntary as is addressed in the above article. However, it is clear from the report that in the opinion of the FSMB, mandatory reporting is often not taking place for a variety of reasons, and the policy is in support of altering legislation so as to make such reporting always anonymous. Most states then shield the anonymous reporter from discovery.

    Even more reason to be sure that you are considering making such a report for ethical and honest reasons.

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