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Why MDs Who Need Psychiatric Care Often are Told to Go to Kansas (Spoiler Alert: It’s About Money!)

Why are physicians referred to Kansas for psychological assessments, even when excellent facilities exist in their home states? Read here from Psychology Today to find out!

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Investigative Journalism Story about Physician Health Programs (PHPs)

PHPs are rife with conflicts of interest. They often operate with very little scrutiny or oversight, and the only folks who complain about their practices are often physicians who’ve been referred to them (because most don’t know how they operate, … Continue reading

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Physician Health Program Outcome Data Should Be Viewed with Caution–Letter in the Judges’ Journal by Nicholas Lawson and myself

Georgetown law student Nicholas Lawson and I published Lawson Boyd Judges Journal Letter on PHP Outcomes 2018 in the Judges’ Journal last month.  We make the case in this letter that we have previously made about how PHP outcome data need … Continue reading

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Important New Paper–Systematic Abuse and Misuse of Psychiatry in Physicians’ Health Programs Discussed in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians Heath Programs (PHPs) are part of the medical regulatory-therapeutic complex intended to protect the public from impaired physicians. Initially, they were supposed to provide a benevolent means to treat physicians with substance use disorders and return them to the … Continue reading

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How broad are state physician health program descriptions of physician impairment?

My latest piece with co-author and Georgetown law student Nick Lawson is here. All credit for this piece is due to Nick who conceived of the idea and ran with it.  Physician health programs (PHPs) are unknown to most physicians … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust Data and Statistics about PHP Success Rates

Nicholas Lawson, fellow physician and incoming Georgetown Law student, and I penned this letter in General Hospital Psychiatry Lawson Boyd Letter Gen Hosp Psych on PHPs which makes clear the myriad reasons why the success and satisfaction rates that Physician Health … Continue reading

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Deciding Whether To Refer a Colleague to a Physician Health Program

I have a new piece out in the AMA Journal of Ethics about physician health programs.  You can find it here.

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Doctors with Substance Use Disorders

See an article here about physicians who have substance use disorders.  I was quoted in US News and World Report, saying that the reasons that physicians use drugs are largely the same reasons why everyone else does so.

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Ethical Issues in State Physician Health Programs

In our Journal of Addiction Medicine piece just published (which you can access here), co-author John R. Knight MD and myself discuss ethical and managerial considerations regarding state physician health programs (PHPs).  These are programs that work with physicians who have … Continue reading

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